Corps extrêmes | Rachid Ouramdane

From 10 years old

The vertigo of prowess and the beauty of flight: Corps extrêmes by Rachid Ouramdane is a weightless show that vibrates above all with an immense desire for lightness, like an urgent need to give meaning to an existence that is too full of gravity.

"I fall, but I am not afraid. I give back my fear in the cry of rage, in a solemn barrissement": taking up the words of Antonin Artaud, the choreographer Rachid Ouramdane places at the heart of his new creation the imaginary and the sensations of flight, this dream that has always inhabited us. Confronted with danger, self-control, fusion with the element and an existential quest, the desire to fly translates above all a spirit of resistance in the face of the disenchantment of an entire world. Performed by acrobats, aerialists, a climber and a highliner, Corps extrêmes explores the practices of lightness to reach this maximum point where risk-taking rhymes with the highest grace.

+ The Dijon Opera proposes this show with vibrating waistcoats and a welcome in LSF


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