Des génies, des lieux

Dijon natives Gustave Eiffel, Henry Darcy and Hippolyte Fontaine are widely recognised in their fields. These illustrious figures could well overshadow the city's rich scientific and technical history.
While Dijon is renowned for its artistic heritage, science and technology have also left their mark on the city's heritage. Places of study or application bear witness to the lives of great figures in science. Lesser-known sites have witnessed exceptional experiments. Finally, some places that have now disappeared are still alive in the archives. These sites and buildings are surrounded by remarkable figures who have contributed to the development of many disciplines: from Guyton de Morveau to Georges-François Leclerc, from chemistry to medicine... A rich and fascinating panorama awaits you!


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  • Culture and tradition
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  • History


From 06 May 2023 to 03 March 2024