Exposition « Opération Stase » d’Anaïs Gauthier

As part of her summer residency at Ateliers Vortex, Anaïs Gauthier continued her exploration of repetition, cycles and time. Inspired by architecture, particularly religious architecture, and her relationship with the body, the artist seeks to transform matter and space in this new exhibition.

At Ateliers Vortex, Anaïs Gauthier has continued her research into form, language and the images conjured up by the tension between bodies and industrial objects. By hijacking certain medical imagery, the body is staged by fluids that circulate like humours thanks to networks and mechanisms on a new scale.
The fluids condense, drip, water and overflow. As if in an operating theatre that has been brought to a standstill, we move around machines that transport psychic states. The space is designed to accommodate the body: to re-educate, heal and transform it.


  • Exhibition
  • Art and shows
  • Sculpture
  • Other cultural theme


From 08/09/2023 to 04/11/2023 from Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6.30pm