Exposition Prix Voltaire de la Photo 2020

Discover the "Prix Voltaire de la Photo" exhibition at the Château de Bussy-Rabutin. For this first edition, the organisers wanted to honour a contemporary and original approach to photographic portraiture.
This exhibition allows you to discover the work of Mathieu Ménard, winner of the Prix Voltaire de la photographie thanks to his series "Femmes de la Halte" as well as the finalists Maréva Druilhe with her series "Huis clos" and Nuno Roque with "Self-Reflection's".

"Women of the Halt" by Matthieu Ménard

Through his triptych series "Femmes de la Halte", Mathieu Ménard shows his commitment and his desire to meet his contemporaries.
He wanted to highlight "these women who are first shown from behind, these women who live in the street and who are usually not seen. They are the "invisible" ones. They hide for safety. In the evening, they come to the shelter to recharge their batteries and rest. They are accompanied and helped to find a permanent housing solution and a new life.
Through her lens, these women reveal themselves, pose in front of the public, show their faces and their personalities. In these triptychs, they reveal themselves in three ways: from behind, from the front and through an object that is dear to them.
Among these "women of the Halte", there are also those who are there every evening to welcome those who are housed, those who listen: the social workers. They also took part in the triptych portrait exercise, because all these women have something to show and tell about themselves that others do not know.

Self-Reflection's by Nuno Rocque

A multidisciplinary, satirical artist, this artist mixes photography, cinema, performance and music.
"Self-Reflection's" is a narrative series of self-portraits. For Nuno Rocque, "the images stage satirical and surreal narratives, presenting a repertoire of four personalities that live within me".
He is convinced that we are all made up of sub-personalities. In his case, he treats his as masks, archetypal characters, which he calls: The Villain, The Joker, The Prince and The Boy. Each time he tries to capture the moment when these personalities emerge from his unconscious and freeze them forever.
Using photography as a form of writing, these photographs are all linked together.
He constructs each photograph as a painting, where every shape and colour is meticulously worked out.

Huis clos by Maréva Druilhe

Maréva Druilhe does not propose a series of portraits, but a self-portrait constructed throughout the series "Huis clos".
In these places dressed with projections, the body and soul of an individual in the making are mixed under the oppressive gaze of the objects and actors of his family history...
"Fascinated by the infinite possibilities that photography offers in terms of exploration of the self and the world, the self-portrait has been one of the guidelines of my photographic work for 15 years now," she says.
By presenting the portrait of a personality in the making, the Huis clos series highlights the meanders of identity construction and blurs the boundaries between worlds.


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From 06/11/2022 to 31/12/2022 from 9.15am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm