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Inhabitation is a performative installation of four five-metre high pendulums, deployed in the space of Saint-Philibert Church. Each of them contains natural and industrial materials - wood, slate, stone, ferns, aluminium tubes - that the artist activates by swinging the pendulums and making the materials tinkle against each other. Inhabitation, a word that is somewhat enigmatic in both languages, is an experience of the work in progress and the meeting of the public and the artist, who lives and evolves permanently in the exhibition space during opening hours, constantly activating the clocks in an almost meditative process.

Will Menter, originally a jazz musician and later a visual artist, regularly invokes sound and the performative dimension in his work. Some of his pieces are activated by the artist himself or by the viewer, who then becomes part of the work, activating and perceiving it at the same time. It is also not unusual for Will Menter to invite other artists to intervene in his installations, whether they be performers, visual artists, musicians or dancers.

For this session at Saint-Philibert, it is the Collectif Warning who will come to inhabit the site for a concert on 19 June.


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