Le Bruit des loups | Étienne Saglio

From 8 years old

In the world, in our dreams, the forest is retreating. In the tales of our childhood, it still resists. This is where Étienne Saglio, one of the masters of the "new magic", went to find it, to immerse himself with us as in a bath of youth...

Somewhere on an enchanted edge, not far from Alice and her Wonderland, the world is rejuvenated, regaining depth, darkness and rich ambiguity. Thanks to a splendid set where classical manipulation techniques are harmoniously combined with special effects, the stage is populated with the impossible and necessary beings that Étienne Saglio has dreamed up: A Giant, as gentle and caring as he can be disturbing; a smiling Goupil, a witty storyteller who comes and goes without ever letting himself be seized; a Wolf, the fierce guardian of a world that is both threatening and endangered... The child who walks through it and sinks into it consents to his fears, since they are the price he pays for the rebirth of the wonderful. Then, in the depths of the woods, peace can return and magic be resurrected, "the inanimate can suddenly come to life, [...] the familiar gives way to the fabulous".

+ On the evening of the performance at the auditOrium, in the public areas, discover the Bruissement exhibition to relive the creative stages of the show.


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