“The Drawing Centre Show”, exposition collective de dessins

There was a collective work in the series The Drawing Centre - Family which brought together some sixty occasional or motivated artists and draughtsmen in a successor to the now defunct Permanent Food. There is an exhibition so titled that brings together 62 artists chosen by 4 curators (including two artists, also invited to participate) at a rate of 15 artists per selector.
The mode was composite, aligning the correct genre (or fluidized), origin and extravagant styles, thus allowing a shimmering, embarrassing, serious and uncomplicated panorama where the pencil drawing is shaken by colours and collages, cuttings and feathery stuff...
Each of them has shown their style: Joe Bradley has played the outsider and the famous, the dilettante.
Seungduk Kim built his list in halves: the first half revisits nostalgia and emotion with family, consortium connections, while the second half goes on an offshore exploration.
Tobias Pils has taken pleasure in the local particularism, drawing on the tutelary figures and the locals in Vienna.
Franck Gautherot has set himself the task of gender, inviting only women.

The rules of the game justify a certain lightness - the printed paper is based on digital files and is presented without any other form of propriety on the walls of the three rooms on offer.
Without names, without reference to the guest, the drawings are distributed according to the rule of first received, first hung and so on.
The entrance wall bears the litany of 62 artists' names. A map shows who is what and who has done what.

In the depths of the Consortium's puberty, the distinction was to mimic the work of certain "conceptual" artists, forming a round of concept exhibitions (as one would say of a "concept album"): Discreet Presence, 1983; Another Affair, 1989; Pieces on the Floor, 1993; Country Sculpture, 1994...

A rule of the game, without the French chichiteux pleasures of the exquisite corpse and other rancid falbalas, proposes to the four accomplices to choose 15 artists each to whom it was asked to send three drawings in the form of a digital file (pdf, tiff, jpeg) in good publishable definition at the size chosen by the artists from A1 to A4.
The printed drawings will be pinned to the wall in the order they are received.
If possible, another print will be available for purchase, but only one in any case.
No name, no signature, just pictures.

No shipping, no insurance.
Like a memory of all those stories of mail art, of exhibitions by fax, of Telephone Bilder (Moholy-Nagy!), of the traffic of Vasarely's multiples, of the work of art at the time of its technical reproducibility, of the true-false Warhol in bootleg serigraphy extended by the studio or mysterious affiliates...

Here, there is no hope of democratization or decorative utopia, the only exaltation is to bring together artists of all kinds for a small journey printed in an extended mood board.
To bring together the most diversified proposals, in pre-selected formats, at random, aligned by the median for a one-way trip in the fat of multiple geographies.
That Viennese particularism is the epitome of this is hardly more significant than any other non-Western, gendered or familial possibility!
What remains is a discreet fantasia, not very sparkling but a bit funky...

- Franck Gautherot & Seungduk Kim


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From 1 July 2022 to 22 January 2023 - Open Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm and until 8pm on Fridays

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