FRAC Bourgogne – Journée européenne du patrimoine

Free visit of the exhibition by Elina Brotherus RULES OF THE GAME
Les Bains du Nord?
Saturday 17 September 2022: 11am-1pm, 2pm-6pm?
Sunday 18 September 2022: 2.30-6pm?
Free of charge - no registration

Flash visits of Elina Brotherus' exhibition THE RULES OF THE GAME. Les Bains du Nord.
On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, the FRAC Bourgogne is offering free flash visits of Elina Brotherus' exhibition, LES RÈGLES DU JEU, presented at the Bains du Nord... A mediator will give a general presentation of the exhibition, its genesis and, at the request of visitors, will present a few selected works.
Saturday 17 September 2022: 11:30-11:45, 14:00-14:15, 15:00-15:15, 16:00-16:15, 17:00-17:15?
Sunday 18 September 2022: 2.45-3pm, 3.45-4pm, 4.45-5pm, 5.45-6pm?
Free of charge, without reservation

STOREFRONT residence / Meetings with the artist Raphaël Rossi ?Boutique des Bains du Nord?
Since Monday 5 September 2022, the artist Raphaël Rossi has been occupying the Boutique des Bains du Nord in Dijon. The second winner of this year's residency, organised in partnership with ENSA Dijon, Raphaël Rossi works in the Boutique des Bains du Nord in full view of the public. Meetings with the artist are organised on the occasion of the European Heritage Days in order to discuss his project with him and discover his artistic universe.
Saturday 17 September 2022: 12 noon-12.30pm, 2.30pm-3pm and 4.30pm-5pm
Free of charge - no reservation required
Group of 8 people maximum
To discover the work of Raphaël Rossi:


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