After several years of anticipation, Dijon’s Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie et du Vin finally opened on Friday 6 May 2022 in Dijon! An eagerly awaited event by scores of visitors all looking forward to seeing what this centre holds for them in store inside… So come with me to explore this site which celebrates the gastronomic meal of the French.

A table, Le petit théâtre du bien manger et du bien boire’ is the last exhibition I recommend visiting to perfectly round off your week, and it is considered the main exhibition at the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie et du Vin, showcasing the French Art of Fine Dining, which has been given world heritage status by UNESCO.

A gourmet exhibition

To get to the exhibition, go into the large entrance hall to the right of the welcome desk where tickets are on sale. As soon as we enter the exhibition, we see that we can expect to learn a lot here from the introduction of quotes, artists’ illustrations and photos by portrait artist Denis Rouvre.

This room appears quite small at first because it’s very dark, but every key item is enhanced by the special lighting.

This exhibition presents the French Art of Fine Dining and the special relationship the French have with food, including the social dimension, the customs and traditions, specific vocabulary, different dishes depending on the food, etc. There is a display of the evolution of fine dining over the years and centuries and it’s very interesting when you take the time to read all the information!

You’ll also come across two cinema chairs where you can sit comfortably and watch short extracts of French films about the culinary world. You will of course have a chance to hear the traditional ‘Ban Bourguignon’ chant! Lala lala lalalalalèreuuuuh!

Even though there are some interactive activities at this exhibition, it is more contemplative than the previous exhibitions and I really enjoyed the artistic dimension.

The best for last

The cherry on the cake is definitely the little automated theatre that tells visitors about the origins of French fine dining, with performances at regular intervals. Screens and characters pop up one after another to tell us this fascinating story, as a wonderful added bonus to your visit. A must-see!


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