So you’ve never visited Dijon and you’re wondering what could make you want to come here? For those who think Dijon is all about mustard, here are 7 excellent reasons why you might decide to pay us a visit!

#1 To see the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy

The capital of the Dukes of Burgundy boasts a majestic palace in the heart of the historical town centre. Reworked during the 17th century, the Palace of the Ducs and Estates of Burgundy is still the most iconic of the city’s monuments.

#2 To visit Dijon Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts Museum of Dijon, which occupies the western wing of the Dukes’ Palace, has undergone major restoration work over the past ten years. The museography has been completely redesigned and a few contemporary extensions have been added to offer a brand new visitor experience, with 1,500 pieces on display.

3# To stroke the Owl of Dijon and make a wish

Who in Dijon has never seen the owl of Notre-Dame church? You’ll find the statuette clinging to a buttress of the chapel. Stroke it with your left hand and your wish will be granted!

#4 To admire the view from the Tower of Philip the Good

Climb the 316 steps to the top of the Philip the Good tower which stretches above the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. The 46-metre tall medieval tower offers a panoramic view over the city of Dijon. During the summer season don’t miss the chance to enjoy drinks on the terrace with the tower aperitifs!

#5 To taste Burgundy wine

Make the most of your Dijon getaway by visiting the Burgundy vineyard. With the Wine Thursdays you get a chance to taste the fine wines of Burgundy in an atypical venue to be revealed at the last minute.

#6 To brunch in Dijon’s market halls

If you’re here for the weekend, enjoy a brunch at the market halls where you’ll discover the culinary delights of Burgundy. Every Sunday, a different chef concocts a brunch menu in a lively, festive atmosphere.

#7 To relax by Lake Kir

Every summer, Kir lake becomes a beach resort, complete with beach huts, fine sand and palm trees. It’s just like being at the seaside… You can even go sailing or rowing, or rent a stand-up paddle! The perfect place to relax and unwind…

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