Every summer, Lake Kir becomes a beach resort. Located on the outskirts of Dijon, the city’s only lake is transformed into a beach resort for the duration of the summer season.

Lake Kir, a temporary beach resort

In summer, part of the 37-hectare lake is set aside for bathers to enjoy in total safety. The Kir lakeside becomes a little beach resort, equipped with a hundred and fifty metres of boardwalk, thirty beach huts and even twenty or so palm trees. To complete the seaside decor, the lakeside is covered with a layer of fine sand.

With its area specially equipped for summer activities, Dijon beach has been a must among residents and holidaymakers for fifteen years or so. Deckchair and parasol rentals ensure visitors can get comfortable and really unwind, when they’re not enjoying a swim in the lake.

Summer-long sporting and cultural activities

Located on the River Ouche, Lake Kir is a very popular recreational spot for the people of Dijon. The wooded lakeside offers a host of pleasant hiking itineraries and cycle paths.

There’s always something to do at Dijon Beach! The municipal watersports centre offers easy access to a whole range of activities on the lake, including sailing and rowing. The “Dij’eau” activity programme organised by local clubs includes stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing and kayaking. Other sports activities are also available, such as tennis, volleyball and crazy golf.

In summer, Lake Kir becomes not only a site for leisure activities, but also a cultural venue. It is the scene of popular events like the musical firework display on 14 July and the beach D’Jazz Festival in August.

Practical information

  • Open from early June to early September
  • Supervised bathing 7 days a week: Mondays from 12 noon to 8 pm, and from 11 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • The quality of the lake water is checked every day to ensure its cleanliness.
  • The beach is accessible to disabled persons.