Create, Design, Cook, … A unique Dijon experience just for you!

Come and discover the traditional local expertise of the Capital of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and you will become an expert yourself.
As a family, as a couple, with friends, alone or with a group, come and join us for an unforgettable day!

Mustard workshop

Crush, grind, add, season, mix and there you go! The Tourist Office together with the Moutarderie Edmond FALLOT propose an original experience to learn all about Dijon Mustard!
Come and meet us at an exceptional location where a professional mustard maker will unveil all the secrets of making this famous mustard and you will then make your own. At the end of the workshop, you will take home your very own “homemade” mustard!

Wine Workshop from the heights

How about combining exceptional wine and the best view of Dijon! Enjoy tasting some top-quality wines, with the expert advice from a renowned and certified wine specialist, up on the terrace of the Philip-the-Good Tower, 46 metres off the ground! Whether you are new to wine tasting or more experienced, everyone is bound to enjoy learning all about wine tasting and about the climats and different terroirs here. Ideal for an after-work drink with friends or a romantic getaway, to learn all there is to know about Burgundy!

The Wines and Cheese of Burgundy Workshop

In Burgundy, the terroir is much more than just a topographic term. From the 12th century, the monks of the Cîteaux Abbey were able to make a great success out of a vineyard thanks to the highly favourable geological and climatic conditions. Their skills are not only limited to winemaking, because in the plain they also used to make, and they still do today, the delicious Abbaye de Cîteaux cheese. In this workshop you’ll discover how to find the perfect match between a selection of wines and cheeses from local producers. A journey to the heart of Burgundy, its history and terroir!

Street Art Workshop

For several years now, urban street art has been becoming more and more popular in Dijon, thanks to some talented street artists. Explore the town and its hidden artworks, and then take part in a unique creative workshop after the tour, with a group of artists from Dijon called Art Go!

Zythology Workshop

Whether they are blond, white, dark or amber, the local beers are constantly being reinvented thanks to the hard work from the passionate Burgundian brewers! During this workshop, the Tourist Office will take you on a discovery of a variety of beers produced in Dijon and the surrounding area. Burgundy is well-known as one of the regions of France with the best wines, but it is also renowned for the many craft brewers who have chosen to set up shop here and produce beers that are just as refreshing as they are surprising to taste!

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