Have you ever tried Sunday brunch at Dijon’s market halls? From June to September, a Dijon chef prepares succulent dishes for you to enjoy with family or friends in a lively atmosphere of togetherness.

Brunch, a concept #lebhd

Every Sunday, a different chef concocts a delicious brunch menu of succulent sweet and savoury dishes. These culinary delights are presented on a vast buffet laid out under the majestic arches of the market halls.

After generously filling their plates, the “brunchers” all sit together around a long table to savour this Sunday treat proposed by one of Dijon’s top chefs.

Brunch at Les Halles in Dijon is a wonderful opportunity to try some quality house cooking: parsley ham, rillettes of Jura trout, saucisson in brioche, confit baby potatoes with rosemary… And because this is brunch day, you can even start with dessert if you so wish: carrot cake, amandine tart, chocolate crunch or panna cotta…

Family entertainment

The warm and friendly atmosphere comes with entertainment too, so Brunch at Les Halles is a great way for holidaymakers to mingle with the locals. Jazz piano concert, cabaret performance or a merry brass band, the ambience is musical, every time.

From 11 am until 3 pm, brunch time is party time! Food lovers wander through the halls admiring the short-lived displays, the artistic performances or the creators’ market.

Every Sunday, the tone is set with a different entertainment programme. Children join in with activities specially designed for them, including creative paper workshops, board games and make-up sessions.

Central market halls of Dijon

Built in 1875 on the site of the former Jacobin convent, Dijon’s central market halls are a listed historical monument. Market is held in the halls every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.

The metallic construction covers an area of 4400 m² and reaches a height of 13 metres. It has four wings arranged around two main aisles forming a cross, where you’ll find 246 boutiques, 14 annexes and 728 benches.

The market halls were designed in 1869 by the architect to the City of Dijon, Ballard, who was inspired by the style of Gustave Eiffel. The construction was completed by his successor, Louis-Clément Weinbergers. The market halls are a succession of arches and fluted columns supporting a structure of metal and are reminiscent of the central market halls of Paris.

Practical information

Dates: every Sunday from June to September
Place: in the market halls
Time: 11 am to 3 pm
Bookings: http://bhd.otdijon.com/