Every Thursday from May to September, the tourist office proposes an unusual experience. The “Wine Thursdays” are an invitation to savour some of the fine wines of Burgundy at a venue that’s as mysterious as it is atypical.

A Wine Thursday in Dijon

Tempted by the idea, I jumped at the opportunity to join such an event. We were to meet outside Dijon tourist office at 6.20 pm, without knowing where our tasting session was to take place. All we had were a few clues that had been posted earlier on the Destination Dijon Facebook page. Suspense…!

After the great library, the Despringle private mansion, Saint-Philibert church and the opera house, which Dijon monument was to be the setting for our tasting session? The secret was finally unveiled during the commented tour. This week, Monsieur Déguste, the man leading our tasting session, was waiting in the cloister of the Bernardine monastery!

Burgundy wines presented by Monsieur Déguste

Patrick Lebas, AKA “Monsieur Déguste”, welcomed us with a huge smile. A dressed table under the cloister gallery presented a selection of Burgundy fine wines. The tasting session adopted a casual atmosphere with no lectures, just an enticing dialogue that made us eager to become wine-tasting experts.

With three fine wines of Burgundy, I began to familiarise myself with the art of observing the colour of this divine beverage, of smelling its aromas and identifying its flavours. Matched with a cheese or cured meat, the mouthfeel evolved to develop a completely different taste. It was a very pleasant experience, taking the time to notice all these sensations experienced by the nose and the palate!

A secret venue that changes every week

When you take part in a Wine Thursday, besides discovering some excellent wines from local producers, you also benefit from the privilege of visiting a place that’s steeped in history. The element of surprise only adds to the charm of the occasion.

So where will the next Wine Thursday take place? In a secret garden, a place of worship, or a private mansion? There’s only one way to find out – by participating!

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