Musée de l’écluse 62

This small museum, located in the cellar of Lock House 62, is a veritable cabinet of curiosities. Alain Denuit, its creator and lock-keeper for 30 years, has assembled a unique collection of personal objects, historical documents relating the life of the Canal and souvenir gifts from hundreds of tourists. Visitors can discover that Mickael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones stopped off here, that the engineers behind the Saturn rocket left a dedication, that a 12-year-old girl was killed here in April 1944, that Mustang aircraft left bullet holes, that many vintage bottles of wine were donated by barge crews, that a homemade Christmas cot sits here as a message of peace to future generations, and a thousand other discoveries. An authentic lock-keeper's memory, an ambassador for the Burgundy canal.

The Maison Eclusière 62 is also home to an association of sculptors, painters and photographers, who work outdoors and exhibit their work from June to September. Visitors can discover the giant statues made of Comblanchien stone and the multicultural palisade painted by anonymous artists and schoolchildren from Dijon. A giant chessboard is available free of charge.

Donations are free and go towards the upkeep of the museum.


  • Living museum
  • Professions / trades
  • Military
  • Transport
  • Wines and vineyards
  • Museum

On site


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  • Picnic area
  • Petite restauration

Opening times

Open to the public from Monday to Sunday from May to September by appointment from 2 to 6 p.m.