A bien y réfléchir, et puisque vous soulevez la question, il faudra quand même trouver un titre un peu plus percutant, OU La sortie de résidence

What do the 26000 couverts propose for their next show? Their wish is to stage a funereal and musical procession, between grotesque urban legends and macabre facts, a laughable celebration of death. (We can ask ourselves if it is really reasonable to want to evoke Death in these times, but well...) This first public rehearsal, determining for the future of the production, marks the return of the 26000 couverts to the street theatre with luminous projections, giant puppets and
fire installations... (Street theatre on the stage of L'Écrin, you might say... what an idea... but we wouldn't want the event to be spoiled by the vagaries of the weather).
In this work in progress (as its name indicates), everything is "in progress", nothing is finished... as in life, full of imperfections, potentialities and possible directions. These moments of research have this prodigious quality that all the doors are still open. But be careful with open doors, sometimes they
they slam..

"Les 26000 couverts make a smashing return with a hilarious show that auscultates the world of theatre with a beautiful acuity [...], an antidote to the greyness, a kind of burlesque liner that only capsizes when the spectator wonders where the border between reality and fiction lies" France Inter, Stéphane Capron, June 2016.


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