Selen Peacock is an electric quintet that searches in all directions between chanson, oblique pop and cosmic jazz.

Horizon Fondu is the band's third album, the first entirely sung in French, to be released by Another Record (Satellite Jockey, Odessey & Oracle, Phat Dat, Kcidy). Written for the most part during 2019, between urban heatwaves and excursions to Asia, these 9 songs evoke, in no particular order, flat plants, photographs of traditional Japanese costumes, the fragility of existence, that of natural environments, shop windows in beautiful neighbourhoods or heatwaves. Dealing with today's world by zooming in on its details, the semi-realistic songs borrow from currents already crossed by peers such as Brigitte Fontaine or Aquaserge.

The group assembled by Johan Saint, author and composer of the songs, includes musicians heard in Belvoir, Fantôme, the 2035 collective and even the Orchestre national de Jazz, all of whom have been working on the alternative scene in eastern Paris for several years. The saxophones and synths of Martin-Oger Daguerre and Morgane Carnet are joined by the rhythm section formed by François Le Roux and Augustin Bette.
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FRIDAY 07.07.2023 AT 7PM