Bal des Restos

This is the new event of the Restos du Cœur which will take place on 25 June throughout France: we give you a date for a day of exchange and sharing, a day of commitment and conviviality, a day in the spirit of the Restos and an evening of celebration!

A new event but with a unique spirit: dedicating to all, the general public, volunteers, people we welcome, a day that brings us together, a day that resembles us!

The Restos open their hearts, an Open Day throughout France

The Restos du Cœur volunteers will welcome the public, partners and also those who do not dare to push our doors in several locations in the Côte d'Or: Beaune (2pm-5pm), Châtillon/Seine (1.30pm-4pm), Chenôve (10am-12pm), Dijon-sud (10am-12pm), Dijon-Fontaine d'Ouche (10am-12pm), Is/Tille (10am-12pm), Montbard (2pm-5pm), Nolay (2pm-5pm), Pouilly-en-Auxois (10am-12pm), Saint-Jean-de-Losne (9.30am-12pm), Saulieu (9am-12pm), Venarey les Laumes (2pm-4pm), Jardin du chantier d'insertion (daytime), Entrepôt départemental to present and explain the great diversity of the missions that the association and the Restos volunteers carry out on a daily basis, at a time when precariousness is getting worse.

We hope that this Open Day will be a moment of encounter to explain how we work, to show all the help we can provide, to make people want to become volunteers and perhaps to allow people who need us to come and find us.

The Restos Ball, mixing sounds and generations!

Because the Restos are also and always have been about conviviality and warmth. This new event will also be a moment of festive meeting


  • Dance
  • Music
  • Music


Saturday 25 June 2022 from 8pm