CHKT 3000 : MCR-T, LI:SE, DJ Sub Aru

MCR-T (DE - Berlin)
A member of the Live From Earth label alongside Ascendant Vierge, Krampf and DJ Gigola, MCR-T is an emerging figure on the German electronic music scene. Imagining himself behind the wheel of a mustang in GTA, MCR-T's sounds and DJ sets combine several styles: acid, techno, ghetto tech, miami bass and tribal techno...

LI:SE (FR - Toulouse)
An artist on the Toulouse scene, LI:SE has been passionate about electronic music since she was very young. In 2019, she joined the MoonTrip collective as organiser and resident DJ. Over the years, she has created a world of her own, with an eclectic style that sets her apart. From 90s trance and ghetto tech to techno and hard dance, LI:SE likes to explore all the possibilities and offer her audiences hard-hitting, varied sets.

DJ SUB ARU (FR - Dijon)
DJ Sub Aru has been 4 cylinders flat since 1993. With a sound halfway between unleashed 90s techno and cosmic trance with y2k vibes, this sonic rebel seamlessly fuses the best of Eurotech to create a phonic ecstasy that defies gravity. His sets herald a trans-dimensional journey, taking the dancefloor into a vortex of speed and astral euphoria where the beats gallop relentlessly. Buckle up and get ready to drift through cybernetic landscapes heading straight for the Y2K bug.


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