Exposition « Océan, ici commence la vie »

A fascinating, captivating exhibition to explore, observe, discover, admire, understand, act... and become aware of the crucial importance of the ocean in the balance of our planet.

Why an exhibition on the ocean in Dijon, located more than 400 km as the crow flies from the first drop of salt water?

Because here, as elsewhere, we have unsuspected links with the ocean!

Because in the ocean... life begins...

This exhibition takes a scientific look at this vital environment, far from the coastline and familiar images. Discover little-known marine biodiversity and the major changes that have a direct impact on our life on Earth.

The exhibition highlights scientific advances, underlining our responsibility as human beings, something we need to be particularly aware of...

In addition to the knowledge provided by expeditions led by teams from the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, the exhibition highlights the studies carried out by researchers from the Biogeosciences laboratory (University of Burgundy).

And because the sea begins here in Dijon! Have you spotted the plaques at the manholes in Dijon city centre? From Dijon to the ocean, let's follow the path of our plastic waste with the Tara Ocean Foundation. They remind us that, through our activities, we all have a responsibility in preserving the Ocean.


  • Exhibition
  • Leisure and sciences
  • Sustainable development
  • Water-based theme
  • Biodiversity


9am - 12.30pm / 2pm - 6pm (Closed on Tuesdays, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings)

Annual closing dates: 1 January, 1 and 8 May, 14 July, 1 and 11 November and 25 December.

On other public holidays, open from 2pm to 6pm.