This will also be an opportunity to see him outside the walls with our friends from Le MUR Dijon, as he will be creating the next fresco in front of the Café le Saint Nicolas in Dijon.
Thanks to the City of Dijon for its support.

Jorge Charrua doesn't paint portraits of people so much as what they feel.
He conveys these feelings not through the enigmatic expressions of the subject, but through the general atmosphere of the work.

The urban rhythms, atmospheric and gritty, provide the necessary dimension for Charrua's portraits to step out of their frames and live their lives - morose, stoic, lost.
Charrua's intimate portraits are imbued with nostalgia. He draws inspiration from his childhood, the 90s. Hip-hop and video games permeate the paintings - in the style he uses and in that of the protagonists. Charrua's process of thinking about art is, in essence, about making something happen.

He admires the video game music producer Yuzo Koshiro, famous for his 'Streets of Rage'. The early days of Koshiro's work were dictated by limitations. The technology available to produce the sounds was a challenge, but the memory of computer consoles and memory cards was the real limit. This created a narrow space that allowed only the most creative, in their ideas and in the way they conveyed them, to flourish. When Charrua wanted to start making the art he wanted to make, he realised that he too would have to make sacrifices, that he too would have to reconfigure things to make them work in his favour. He still lives with the idea that if there is nothing he likes, he can rebuild things to suit him.


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