Festival En Quet’d’ailleurs

Tuesday 20 June - 7pm - Musical reading // Library
"The Old Man Who Read Love Stories" by the company Les destins animés
Come and discover a musical reading based on Luis Sepulveda's text, The old man who read love novels. After writing workshops at the Collège Jean-Rostand, the company Les destins animés invites you to savour the words of this great Chilean author at the Library.

Wednesday 21 June - Fête de la musique // Place centrale RogerRémond
From 6pm
This year, the music festival is coming to the heart of the city and will take place in the Place centrale. Thanks to the
of the EMMDA (Municipal School of Music, Dance and Arts) but also the creativity of its inhabitants, the City invites you to come and enjoy the
The city invites you to come and listen to folk music, jazz, rap or techno. Let yourself be surprised by the talent of your neighbours!

➢ Friday 23 June - Concert by the Huches school choir
Huches // Espace Mendès-France (8 rue des vergers)
Reserved for families
As part of their artistic and cultural education programme, the pupils of the Huches school have
worked on several songs on the theme of travel. The pupils have thus created their school choir and will
and will present the result of their work to their families on 23 June at the Espace Mendès-France.

➢ Saturday 24 June - World Culture Festival
// Espace Mendès-France (8 rue des vergers)
From 5pm / Games, workshops and exhibition
The CSF games library will be presenting wooden games, board games and also games from the African continent in connection with the
games from the African continent in connection with the festival!
Come and discover awalé (called wali in Benin) with Mr. Signahodé, a Quetignois and expert of this game.
You will also be able to see the exhibition on the 5 senses, proposed by Karima, a Franco-German cultural volunteer from Quetigny.

5.30 pm / African percussion
The pupils of the CE2 and CM1 classes of the Fontaine-aux-Jardins primary schools have worked on African percussion with Julien
African percussion with Julien Charnet as part of their Artistic and Cultural Education
(PEAC). The children will present the fruit of their work at the festival.
6.30 pm / "Scratch and sing the world" proposed by the EMMDA
The "guitar accompaniment" workshops and the "Cousis en chœur" choir will join forces to share French and foreign songs around the theme of "The World".
French and foreign songs about elsewhere and Africa. Under the guidance of Daniel Cairey-Remonay
(guitar teacher) and Evelyne Menaucourt (choir director), these adult amateurs, guitarists and singers, offer you a journey to the
singers, offer you a journey of varied musical colours, which may make you hum along
a few choruses with them!

6pm and 8pm / La Complet' Mandingue
For more than 20 years, this all-terrain portable balafon orchestra has been travelling the world. It is made up of five
musicians with communicative energy and humour who like to challenge, make the audience travel, dance and smile.
the public. Their repertoire is based on original and festive compositions, full of surprises, where the
where the resonators of the balafons make us hear sounds that we would think - wrongly! - electro and amplified.
Playing on interactions, La Complet'Mandingue makes young and old dance, inspired by rhythms and
and melodies from all horizons, from traditional West African music to funky and even
techno. Everyone is invited to the party to dance to the grooves and the unique sound of the balafons of this
of this truly surprising orchestra.

7.30 pm / Doni Doni
The Doni Doni association offers African percussion and dance classes every Wednesday evening at the Espace Léo-Ferré
(EMMDA). They will be present for a rhythmic and joyful demonstration!

8.30pm / Guembri Superstar project by the Space Galvachers
At first sight, there is no obvious connection between the Galvachers of Morvan and the Djéli, griots of the Mandingo country. On the one hand
on the one hand, itinerant carters and agricultural workers from Burgundy. On the other, griots and bards who were the repositories
of the oral traditions of West Africa. The meeting point is a major one and is none other than the trance. This
the same trance that makes the hurdy-gurdy turn until the spirits flicker, and that makes the drums resonate until the bodies are
disarticulate the bodies. The same trance that makes the Morvandiaux fiddles sound like ritis, Fulani fiddles. À
through this timeless journey, on the edge of improvisation, the strings of Space Galvachers find themselves
repetitive music and generate endless sequences, carried by artisanal rhythms, as if they were trying to
as if they were trying to deliver a message to the other side of the universe. Come on, let's get drunk!

Catering and refreshments on site for each event
Information Service culturel au 03 80 48 28 43 ou culture@quetigny.fr


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From 20 to 24 June 2023