Le Grand Bain – 4Leaves, Terminal Requin

4Leaves (FR) / Electro pop
4Leaves, an innovative Franco-American electro-pop duo formed in 2020, transport listeners into an imaginary world with an original fusion of pop, rock and electronic music. Their music is an ode to freedom, daring and artistic exploration. A futuristic, organic musical journey that will leave no one indifferent.

Terminal Requin (FR) / Intimate Aqua-jazz
Terminal Requin is a musical plunge into the abyssal depths... To the sounds of trombone and piano tinged with electronic sounds, let yourself be carried away on an underwater voyage whose creative universe will never cease to surprise you. A stone's throw from the cosmos, the aquatic atmospheres explored by these two young musicians are the start of a never-ending expedition, always flirting with the unknown.


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