Le Grand Bain

Siiré (FR)
With a pen that links wordplay and strong images, Siiré meanders between themes such as solitude, self-acceptance and anger. With a palette that alternates between cold tracks straight out of a dystopia and others that are warmer but melancholic, Siiré delivers fragments of her universe where sweetness and bitterness meet. Capturing emotions and transmitting them in order to make them universal is the objective of Siiré and his music.

El Tonton Tony & M-Ryan (FR)
El Tonton Tony is a rapper from Dijon who has been around for 12 years now. Influenced by Sniper and Ärsenik, he follows in their footsteps by offering a textually rich music where introspection, conscience, egotrip and punchlines are explosively mixed.

M-Ryan draws his source from a love of words. Rap that is focused on expressing his states of mind, his feelings and a raw assessment of life.


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