Les insectes pollinisateurs font le buzz

Exhibition extended until 7 January 2024

The Jardin de l'Arquebuse invites you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of pollinating insects.

On a beautiful sunny day, what could be more beautiful, more romantic, more poetic than an incessant ballet of insects twirling from flower to flower? Beyond this bucolic image, this exhibition invites visitors to enter the little-known world of pollinating insects, by getting up close and personal. Sometimes little appreciated, they are nonetheless essential to the proper functioning of ecosystems and our food supply.

But what do they do? Who are they?
Attracted by the shape, colour and smell of the flowers in which they find their resources, they carry pollen from one to another, ensuring the pollination of many plants. This daily "labour" enables the reproduction of plants in particular, those that we eat... those that fill our plates!
They are the "strong links" of Biodiversity.

This exhibition, suitable for all ages, gives an exclusive 'platform' to these sometimes tiny but hugely important insects! It sheds light on the questions asked by all those who are "curious about nature". The original setting makes for an active, participatory visit. In order to protect them, we need to learn more about these insects that so graciously provide us with such a precious service. In Dijon, citizens, scientists, professionals and associations are working to find out more about them, protect them and encourage them. Each and every one of us can become a small link in the chain and do our bit to help preserve these insects, "nature's influencers" who have come to the Jardin de l'Arquebuse to create a buzz!


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