Orchestre Dijon Bourgogne & Chœur de l’Opéra de Dijon

A touchstone of the repertoire and an emblem of European unity, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is a symbol and a humanist banner: an exceptional season opener thanks to the many artistic partners united around Franco-German cooperation.

No other work, by virtue of its scope and the turning point it represents in the very genre of the symphony, has been charged with such powerful meanings. And if we sometimes try to contradict its meaning, it is of course because a principle of universal peace and fraternity is forever attached to it. Of the four movements of this cultural myth that is the Ninth Symphony, including a contemplative Adagio in which we find the spirit of the string quartet, the most illustrious is obviously the last, which introduces the voices and lets Schiller's galvanising "Ode to Joy" resound: grandiose architecture, with a subtlety that only detailed analysis, despite its apparent simplicity, can account for. Illustrious but always rediscovered, it is one of the most decisive pages in the history of music, the apogee of a work so out of the ordinary that it definitively broke the mould, and in which Wagner saw "the last of the symphonies".


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08/09/2023 at 8pm

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