Ouverture du Maquis : concerts et exposition

After an autumn and winter rich in artistic residencies, we are opening Au Maquis again for a new summer season!
See you at L'Écluse 51S from Friday 12 May to Sunday 27 August 2023!
A sweet opening weekend is in store with the artist Semine Yang who, in collaboration with Ateliers Vortex, will decorate the bucolic spaces of Lock 51S from spring onwards.

Kongô Blue is the original blues from which reggae, soul, etc. are inspired. Influenced by the great names of the genre (The Wailers, The Gladiators, Stealpulse...), Kongô Blue has a repertoire of original songs, in the purest tradition of roots reggae from the 70s. It's a simple and efficient Jamaican groove, tinged with African blues and adorned with a solid vocal section.

9 pm - ELVIS PRESSPLAY - Dj set (FR)
Elvis PressPlay, a self-taught record-pusher, casually cultivates a taste for flamboyant soul, dirty funk or all sorts of Afro-disiac grooves that he has been dilapidating in the form of TBjerk++ nuggets digested with love for a good half-century. His blaze may sound like a big joke, but his groove is no joke...


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Friday 12 May 2023 from 5pm to 10pm