Petite balade aux enfers | D’après Orphée et Eurydice de Gluck

Orpheus has been travelling for a long time, from Greco-Latin antiquity to Offenbach and Monteverdi (not to mention, of course, Jean Cocteau). One might have thought he had reached the end of the road. We would have been wrong: neither he nor his Eurydice can be buried so quickly! Valérie Lesort, a wildly inventive director, breathes new life into him with the help of a fine band of singers and manipulators, who get along like thieves to create hybrid and amusingly sympathetic beings. These puppets, whose tiny body supports a human head, have to be seen to be believed, and seeing them is immediately adopting them, especially since they sing wonderfully well! The legend is well known, but just in case, and out of respect for the youngest, Zeus himself honours us with an appearance to play the prologue and remind us of the essential information. Musically, we do not pout our pleasure. To adapt Gluck's opera (created in 1762), Lesort called on the talent of Marine Thoreau La Salle. His piano reduction follows step by step the tribulations of the valiant poet, determined to drag his beloved from the realm of the dead, with only his lyre slung over his shoulder and the charm of his melodies as weapons. Will he succeed, this time, in not turning on his wife? Less than an hour to go. Suspense... In any case, the spectators find it hard to take their eyes off our heroes. But how can you not be seduced by these hilarious hells, with monsters as colourful, restless and harmless as the creatures of the Muppet Show?


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