Pippo Delbono | Amore

Over the years, he has created his own theatrical language and composed his "funny" company. A language that draws freely from the resources of cinema, choreography, words and music, to evoke strange and yet familiar figures, clowns, butlers or dancers, emerging from a dream that seems to come back from far away, from the mists of time. And to embody these figures, a company of faithful performers, presences that have never been seen on stage before. For this new stage of his journey in art and in life, Delbono started from the isolation in which the pandemic has shut him up, and from the need to react to it in a very simple way by going back to the quest for Love. And this quest, for him, goes through Portugal. And why? Because he sees there, he says, a melancholic and generous country where the heart-rending nostalgia of the Fado seems to be born from the music of the language. Because he wants to remain open to "the possibility of joy", always ready to welcome what could lead him into a dance he does not yet know.


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