Portes, l’art du passage

Omnipresent in our daily lives, we push them, we pull them, we knock on them, but above all we walk through them...
Doors are the guardians of our spaces, representing the transition between outside and inside, as well as the passage between two worlds. In addition to their practical role, doors are transformed by artistic trends and technological developments, becoming a marker of the identity and expression of buildings and their occupants.
This temporary exhibition explores this major architectural element that marks the transition between the known and the unknown. The exhibition is enhanced by the work of photographer Édouard Barra, whose twenty diptychs take visitors on a sensitive and curious journey through the gates of Dijon.
Enter... through the front door, into the new temporary exhibition at 1204!


  • Exhibition
  • Culture and tradition
  • Culturel
  • History


From 03 May 2024 to 11 May 2025