Printemps BIO à la ferme Fruirouge©

Organic Spring at Fruirouge Farm© from 20 to 20 June 2024

Special edition of Printemps BIO: a national event to inform and promote Organic Farming and its products.
The 24th edition of Printemps BIO will be held as part of Agriculture Week.

We believe that, as a player in the sector and a professional in Organic Farming, we have a greater role to play than ever in providing information to the general public. That's why we're organising events at our farm shop, with guided tours and tastings. Long live organic farming in Burgundy!


  • Festivals
  • Culture and tradition
  • Farm activities
  • Tradition & folklore

Quality labels

  • Vignobles et découvertes


Printemps BIO from 20/05/2024 to 20/06/2024 from 09h to 12h and from 14h to 19h

Special opening conditions

From 20/05/2024 to 20/06/2024 Thursday to Monday, 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 7pm

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