Programmation des films Wild Immersion

Wild Immersion's mission is to raise public awareness of environmental issues through immersive devices.

Programming of Wild Immersion films :

Kira's journey to discover the pangolin - From October 24th to November 5th
Kirra, a young girl of about 12, is the narrator of the film. This young explorer from Tasmania loves nature and roams the forests day and night looking for wild animals. In this story, Kirra hears about a very special species that is only found in Singapore: the Sunda pangolin. The description of this animal triggers her curiosity and prompts her to go on a journey to meet this animal that seems to be a remnant of evolution.

Around the World 2 - November 7 to December 17
In this journey around the globe, travel through some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. Meet iconic and extraordinary species, and discover the amazing adaptations that have allowed them to survive to this day.

Wild Serbia from 19 December to 31 December
Few places in Europe are still wild, but Serbia is one of them.
This virtual journey takes you through grandiose landscapes and encounters with majestic creatures.
majestic creatures.
An immersive and educational film to discover the biodiversity of this country, what it represents on a continental scale and why it is important to preserve it.

Alba - January 2 to February 4
Synopsis :
The viewer is suspended above a frozen lake and a herd of elk. Suddenly, a gigantic aurora borealis
lights up the starry sky. Nature never shows its power as much as in winter. Many animal species have adapted to this hostile environment. Today they are directly confronted with global warming.


  • Screening
  • Culture and tradition


From 24 October to 5 November 2022

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