Théâtre caritatif : « La métamorphose des ramasse-miettes »

And if we became rich... thanks to Solange
And what if for once, as Lara says, we succeeded!
And what if Bob finally had a good idea, instead of only thinking about his drudgery!
And what if Dédé was a little more relaxed, thanks to Gino, the magician!
And if Edmée drank less, she might be more effective!
And what if we knocked out Albert, that cop who lives above us!
Well, if you ask me, there's a lot of ifs out there!
You should go and see the play! You never know, maybe these guys will pull it off.
In any case, it's sure to be full of suspense... and plenty of twists and turns!

Even if we're lucky, it looks like a long shot....


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Saturday 9 March from 8 pm.