"A little black, a little white, it sounds simple, but it's exhausting, having to choose, choose all the time between the vague and the extravagant!" Zebras

Little zebra is not yet born, not quite ready yet...
All the inhabitants are waiting for him, but he's taking his time.
Then comes the moment of birth, discovery and encounter.
To celebrate the coming into the world of our zebra, Stanka Pavlova stages a colourful polyphony inhabited by Camille and Cécile, hip hop dancer and singing puppeteer. Alongside pink flamingos, giraffes, magpies, magpie-thagoras and other mysterious creatures, they populate with movements, words that trot or even gallop and objects sometimes zebra-striped in black and white, sometimes coloured, a pop-up universe that is at once visual, sonorous and lyrical.


  • Dance
  • Art and shows