Active Tours Dijon

Our leisure sports agency based in Beaune and Dijon, proposes circuits, hikes and excursions by bike or by foot in the vineyards of Burgundy and France. A stable of 200 VTC and electric bikes are at your disposal. Our professional bike and wine guides will
lead you on a discovery tour of the vineyard areas and wineries.


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  • Biking Accompanying / Escorting
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  • Biking Hiring of equipment
  • Biking Multiple activities
  • Biking Unaccompanied activity
  • Cycling Accompanying / Escorting
  • Cycling Lessons
  • Cycling Hiring of equipment
  • Cycling Multiple activities
  • Cycling Unaccompanied activity
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Opening times

Special opening conditions

Acclimatize to the new standard!

We believe that Active Tours does not have to completely change its guided and self-guided tours. It will take some time to get used to greeting our clients with hydroalcoholic hand solution, masks and applying social distancing. But we think that our tours will remain friendly and we are sure that you will have a pleasant stay.
We are all eager to be free again, after being cooped up inside for so long. We urgently need to breathe the fresh air, to pedal and sing, to see all the landscapes that open up to us under this beautiful spring sun. Maybe we will have to change our way of travelling, but the spirit of our trips will remain the same. Together we will make it a new experience, and the safety precautions will give you extra peace of mind.