The short, medium and long term bike rental service...
A new way to live in the city!

For several years now, Greater Dijon has been developing a proactive and daring policy in favour of bicycle use: the success of "Vélodi" as well as the development of the bicycle network (340 kilometres of dedicated roadways) attest to this.

Today, other needs are emerging. DiviaVélo, a short, medium and long term rental service completes the range of mobility possibilities offered by DiviaMobilités.

Tempted to start cycling to get around? DiviaVélo will help you!

800 bicycles, specially designed by Lapierre for DiviaVélo, are available for hire. In perfect harmony with the Dijon tramway, DiviaVélo is astonishing for its elegance, its colours (black and black) and the quality of its finish.

Once rented, you are free: no time constraints, no parking space... Your bike is available at any time to go to class, to work, to do your shopping or for a ride!


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