Parcours de la Chouette

In its traditional version, this 22-stop tour of the historic centre not only invites you to savour the charm of Dijon, but also to go back in time and into the history of our city. Since 2011, with the addition of 3 loops, i.e. 15 additional stages, it now allows you to discover other facets of Dijon: the Jean-Jacques Rousseau district, the Zola district and access to the Puits de Moïse and the Chartreuse de Champmol. Booklet on sale at the Dijon Tourist Office reception points.

Follow the owl on your smartphone too! With your Android smartphone, follow the arrows and go back in time! Discover the history of Dijon and enjoy the charm of the former capital of the Dukes of Burgundy! The application suggests the nearest starting point and will warn you when you approach a point of interest!

Where to get the application?
The application is available for Android :
- The Owl Trail application on Google Play:


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