Hugo took his work colleagues to the “Wines and Cheese of Burgundy” workshop last Saturday. Hugo is a teacher and is always looking for new experiences. He tells us all about how impressed he was when he tasted a blackcurrant-flavoured Brillat-Savarin

“On Saturday lunchtime, we met atLa Source des Vins, near Saint-Bénigne Cathedral. We were greeted at the entrance to the shop on a sun-kissed terrace by Hadika, the cellar master, who then led us to the wine cellar. 

The workshop began with a presentation of Hadika’s job. She told us a bit about her background and how she works. Thanks to the way in which she talked about her philosophy and values, we took an immediate liking to her and knew we were going to have a good time. We were lucky to meet such a passionate and generous person.

Hadika didn’t just tell us about herself, she then asked us about what we like and about our own experience with wine to get an idea of what would surprise us the most.

We would still have to wait a bit longer though because after getting to know each other, we observed the map. Personally, I know the geography of Burgundy quite well and I was itching to get started. But I have to admit that my colleagues, who don’t know as much about the area, really appreciated this brief introduction to the5 winemaking regions of Burgundy

After that we were ready to get stuck in! We started with the white wines.

First of all, a Saint-Véran. The very pale yellow wine in my glass had a scent of pear. Hadika, along with her assistant Aude, presentedseveral cheeses to us, including an Abbaye de Citeaux cheese. But for me, the best match with my glass of Saint-Véran was definitely the Comté

We then moved on to the region of Beaune, with a white Saint-Romain. This time with a pear/linden scent! We all agreed this time that the best match was the Charolais with its powerful scent. Served with the Saint-Romain, it really was a perfect match

We carried on our highly enjoyable journey through Burgundy and our next stop was near Saint-Romain, in Santenay. We moved on to red wines, providing our senses with a whole new experience. 

The pleasure of the wine combined with some superb new discoveries in terms of cheese. Hadika skilfully guided us towards a Brillat-Savarin… blackcurrant flavoured. And of course the Santenay with notes of red berries was a perfect match for the blackcurrant in the cheese. What an amazing note to end our workshop on.

Our adventure for the senses came to a close, the workshop flew by! If you are interested in wine and cheese, but not necessarily together, try this experience, you’ll be blown away. You can also find all the wines tasted in the shop to purchase if you want to take one home. 

We were delighted with our experience at La Source des Vins. Hadika was the perfect guide, on-hand to help us describe the scents and tastes, and then took a step back wherever necessary to let us enjoy the flavours.

She is also very committed to showcasing her region and the people working here. Of course, we were disappointed when it was time to leave, but we managed to find the cheeses we had tasted in a shop nearby.” 

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