Jardin des 5 Roses

Born in 2007 during the restructuring of the Town Hall, the Garden of the 5 Roses is a space both enclosed and open, almost hidden. It is surrounded, hence its name, by 5 specific architectures, each one bearing witness to the history of Talant. And to underline these architectural styles, there are 5 rose beds, also linked to the centuries in which they were in turn queen of the flowers of the time.

To illustrate the most recent building, that of the 21st century, the Alix de Vergy Rose was created, erected as a symbol of the festivities for the 800th anniversary of the town's foundation.

The other beds bring together some thirty varieties of rose: fine and simple for the medieval period, ethereal and precious for the century of Louis XIV, ornamental and complicated for the 18th century, rich and willing for the last century and still hesitant for the one just begun.

The Garden of the 5 Roses is a discreet place which nevertheless offers a view of Dijon from the top of one of the rare remains of the medieval citadel.

A path of water crosses it and sings on pebbles, the benches, the flowers, the flower beds, the fluttering of the flags, everything invites you to stay there for a while, a new stage of a Sunday walk.


  • Pleasure garden
  • Park and garden
  • Contemporary
  • Ecological

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  • Jardin remarquable
  • Rosengarten

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Free access - open air garden allowing social distancing