Our aim is to ensure your satisfaction!

Since 1997, we at Dijon Métropole Tourist Office have been committed to a quality approach through which we aim to provide a high-quality service to anyone who contacts us.

Our goal is to offer our clients everything they need to discover and appreciate our wealth of local tourist attractions both in Dijon and the surrounding area.

It is in this context that the Tourist Office is officially recognised by the Qualité Tourisme label, which was renewed in July 2014.

Our quality labels

Tourisme et Handicap

The Rue des Forges branch of Dijon Tourist Office carries the “Tourisme et Handicap” quality label for all 4 types of handicap.

Vignobles & Découvertes

“Dijon-Côte de Nuits” won recognition as a wine destination by obtaining the “Vignobles & Découvertes” quality label in October 2010 (one of the first 10 wine regions to receive this distinction).

Accueil vélo

Five major cycling routes and a total of 800 km of bikeways and greenways.
Look for our partners displaying the Accueil Vélo quality label. They extend a warm welcome and make life easier for cyclists during your stay in Dijon.

Available at our tourist office outlets:
• Map of the Dijon Métropole cycle path network
• The Côte d’Or by bike
• Burgundy by bike
• Cycling along the Burgundy Canal

Consult the France Vélo Tourisme website

Our client commitments

Dijon Tourist Office carries the Qualité Tourisme label and is a member of the Fédération Nationale des Offices de Tourisme de France. In January 2015, we received a category-I rating, which reflects our 5-year commitment:

  • To facilitate use of our premises through the proper management and continual enhancement of signage and accessibilty
  • To provide you with reception and information areas that are easily accessible
  • To make sure we’re open at times that suit our visitors, at least 305 days per year including Saturdays and Sundays during the holiday season or special events, and to display and communicate on our opening periods in at least two foreign languages
  • To facilitate your arrangements
  • To place a holiday advisor at your disposal and provide personalised advice that meets our clients’ needs
  • To receive visitors at clean, comfortable premises in a warm and friendly atmosphere and acknowledge them on arrival through visual contact or a welcome message
  • To keep waiting times to a minimum by being available as quickly as possible, or make waiting time more pleasant by providing visitors with basic information via digital display screens
  • To provide a friendly, fast and efficient telephone service as well as a telephone booking service every day of the year (except 25th December and 1st January) during Tourist Office opening times
  • To reply to your mail all year round and ensure you receive the requested documents as quickly as possible
  • To provide a permanent reception service with staff who speak at least 2 foreign languages, in order to facilitate contact with visitors from abroad and offer free information on local tourist attractions and facilities
  • To update our tourist information on an annual basis
  • To refresh our information on a daily basis in order to ensure it is clear, reliable and up-to-date
  • To ensure our information on local tourist facilities and attractions is reliable and up-to-date
  • To provide tourist maps, plans and guides in paper format and in several languages
  • To provide, also in paper format and translated into at least two foreign languages, tourist information relating to:
    • all rated tourist accommodation with, as a strict minimum, each establishment’s name, address, email, phone number, website and rating
    • monuments, natural sites and tourist attractions of cultural or recreational interest, with a possible indication of usual fees and public opening times as well as the corresponding websites, phone numbers and postal addresses.
    • events and activities
    • emergency phone numbers
  • To display emergency phone numbers outside the tourist office
  • To provide all such information relating to our area and for all client categories
  • To seek and propose alternative solutions in the event of cancellation, disruption or postponement of an event
  • To provide seats for your comfort
  • To provide you with free Wifi access
  • To enable you to access and consult our dedicated website in three languages, including via mobile devices
  • To enable you to check availability of rated accommodation
  • To handle your claims and gauge your level of satisfaction (feedback questionnaires, comment and suggestion forms)
  • To propose a tourist information service which integrates new information and communication technologies (social media, mobile phones, geolocation, etc..)

Our environmental commitments

We love and respect our environment and we want everyone to know it.

  • To encourage our partners and visitors to make maximum use of public transport
  • To optimise our management of brochure stocks
  • To limit our consumption of paper, ink and energy
  • To encourage our clients and partners to print or take only those documents they will actually consult

Our commitments with partners

  • To make the appropriate documents available: accommodation guides, restaurant guides, maps, specific brochures such as “Experiences & Escapades”, a “Practical Guide”, and professional guides
  • To pass on all useful information: multimodal travel, coach parking, etc.
  • To organise meetings between professionals and play an interface role
  • To provide concrete follow-up to DTO participation in trade fairs and publicity operations by passing on appropriate contact details
  • To design products jointly to better promote our destination: Dijon City Pass, reservation centre and items such as vineyard tours
  • To boost the development of the tourist destination by attending meetings organised by local authorities
  • To gauge tourist numbers by setting up a local tourism observatory and adjust the plan of action according to its results
  • To provide follow-up in favour of client satisfaction