Au Duché de Bourgogne

The Duché de Bourgogne welcomes you year round in an exceptional setting in the heart of the centre city where you will find books, souvenirs, artworks, regional products, as well as a selection of 200 prestigious Burgundy wines. Various tasting formulas are proposed in an ancient cellar.


  • Wine & Accessories
  • Sale of wines
  • Wine accessories

Opening times

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Special opening conditions

Participants in the tastings will have hydroalcoholic gel at their disposal, and we advise them to wear a mask (outside the tastings themselves, of course). The glasses made available to participants have been disinfected beforehand, and we remind them at the beginning of the tasting to keep them and not to exchange them. The surfaces where the glasses are placed when the participants arrive are also regularly disinfected and, at the beginning of the tasting, we remind the participants to respect a distance of one metre between them. Finally, we respect a maximum capacity of 9 participants, and gatherings in public or in public places may not, until further notice, exceed ten people.

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