Festival A pas contés

Ah, the preparation of the bag that accompanies us... coming to the festival for an hour or a day. Anticipating the pleasure, starting the journey from that moment. Some of our acquaintances have agreed to share what they are taking with them to join us:

ANNIE: my ticket bag, my identity card, my mobile phone (switched off during the show), 10 euros but not my credit card and some tissues.
ANTIGONE: Sophocles' play Oedipus at Colonus, a flask with water and the Civil Code.
GAËLLE: the list of my pupils, a play to read while waiting and handkerchiefs to cry.
HÄNSEL: gingerbread, aniseed and Dijon mustard.
LÉA: my fleece purse, some Patafix and my lip gloss.
MADAME V: a Herman Melville book, a tea bag and earplugs.
OLIVIA: a photo of Bernardo, a note Louis-Tayeb passed me in class saying "see you after maths" ? a keyring in the shape of a musical note.
OWEN: A nappy, a snack, my comforter, a notepad for mum, a little blanket, the thumb, mum but not in the bag... and don't forget dad (in the bag).
YANNIS: What bag? I have everything in my pockets...

And you, are you more of a backpack, a handbag, a satchel, a sack?

We are launching this challenge to the most playful among you: let your creativity do the talking and post a photo of your bag on our social networks with the #sacabc... until January 25th 2023 included. To be won: a 3-day pass for the festival and, above all, a large photo of yourself with us on the abc page!



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27 January to 10 February 2023