Les Ducs et leur palais par Marguerite de Flandre

Margaret of Flanders, Duchess of Burgundy!

Throughout the fantastic epic of the great Dukes of Burgundy, there is a particularly charismatic woman who will leave her mark on the city of Dijon: Marguerite III of Flanders. Highly cultured, a great heiress, a visionary and ahead of her time, she was responsible for the creation of the Dukes' Square at the back of the Ducal Palace, where she had a rose garden and a menagerie installed. Dive into 15th century Dijon and let yourself be guided by Marguerite de Flandres herself, who will tell you a number of anecdotes, each one as tasty as the next.


  • Guided tours


In March: 22nd at 3pm
In April: 17 and 23 at 3pm
In May: 25th at 3pm
In June: 25th at 3pm
In July: 19 and 22 at 3pm
In August: 23 and 27 at 3pm
In September: 17 at 3pm
In October: 25 and 29 at 3pm