18éme ITALIART Festival, l’Italie à Dijon


The eighteenth edition of the Italiart Festival is sure to provide plenty of laughs with two shows that have a sweet taste. The first is with Roberta Checchin, who recounts the adventures of an Italian woman in Paris whose mispronunciation of certain French words leads to hilarious situations. Roberta tells us the story of the bidet, explains how to seduce an Italian woman and why some so-called Italian dishes are not at all Italian. Irresistible!

The other show that will leave you laughing out loud is that of Antonio Di Stasio, who tells the story of his arrival in France from the Ciociaria region (near Rome) with his family made up of funny and crazy characters. Amid the laughter, he'll teach you how to make a good coffee, tomato pasta and much more.
Of course, the Italian gastronomic village in Piazza Darcy will also be on hand, offering the very best of bel paese food and wine, plus a host of surprises.

Dino Buzzati, the great Italian writer, will be brought to life by the voices of Mousquetextes. Two concerts by two crazy musicians from Turin, "I Conciorto", will play and sing using legumes as instruments. Return of the famous midday concert of Italian chamber music by the École Supérieure de Musique with new melodies. Two concerts with two great sopranos accompanied by international pianists, the first composed of film songs adapted to opera for the Opéra Voyageur, and the other with the most beautiful Italian arias by A. Scarlatti, O. Respighi, A. Casellla and F. Durante with Nobuyoshi Shima and Cecile Roovers from Amsterdam's Northern Opera.

Come l'olio sul Fuoco", a provocative performance of poetry, will be presented by Vincenzo Cirillo. And, to help you discover the different regions of Italy from south to north, a show/concert with ten musicians and narrators from the Compagnie La Mère Folle, to relive in music the journey of Grazia Di Gioia and her husband, from Corato (in Puglia, where she was born) to Clamecy (in the Yonne), where they immigrated and started a family a century ago.
Italiart doesn't stop there. There will also be a classical music concert featuring Colombian maestro and guitarist Rafael Hernández Duarte, accompanied by Benjamin Colin, mandolinist and opera singer, for a musical change of scenery guaranteed.

Following last year's success with Les Ritals, Bruno Putzulu returns with La Lettre, a new show written by his brother for five actors and a musician. Their talent is sure to surprise you.
Throughout March, don't forget the fine exhibitions, with paintings by Neapolitan artist Jacopo Marchese, artistic photographs of the city of York in the UK by Monique Serna and Vincenzo Cirillo in collaboration with York for Europe, and another of paintings by Korean artist Ajung Sung, plus you can admire Nathalie Pucciarelli's mosaics and Carole Perrau's out-of-this-world hinges.
Italiart, which has always been culturally and socially committed, has chosen to entrust the official manifesto for this 18th edition to a Sardinian artist, Zuanna Maria Boscani, who pays homage to the Desdemona in P.P. Pasolini's Cosa sono le nuvole, masterfully interpreted by Laura Betti. With this image of Toto and Laura Betti, Zuanna and Italiart want to denounce the all too numerous feminicides that unfortunately occur just about everywhere in the world, and Italiart joins in this chorus of denunciation, never too loud and never listened to enough.

For us, you are not an audience, but people, friends with whom we can chat, have a drink and spend some wonderful cultural and human moments.
We look forward to seeing you soon with the whole Ombradipeter team, who have been organising and celebrating these unique and unforgettable moments with you for the last eighteen years.
If you don't know us yet, you have the whole month of March 2024 to become our friends and the friends of our friends.
The Ombradipeter team


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From 02 to 31 March 2024