Exposition de Torbjørn Rødland “Oh My God You Guys”

The two photographs that open and close Torbjørn Rødland's exhibition at the Consortium Museum depict a baby and an old man respectively. The exhibition is conceived as a journey from one to the other, from childhood to old age. The project is therefore highly narrative: an approach to the exhibition that is unusual for Rødland.

The exhibition focuses mainly on Rødland's photographs, which depict two antinomic characters. The artist often uses this 'disruptive casting' to accentuate the strangeness of the scenes in his photographs. The 'scenario' invented by the curator for this exhibition (the title of which was chosen jointly with the artist is 'Oh My God You Guys') is a journey through sophisticated and troubled human relationships that lead from the dawn to the dusk of life.

The exhibition unfolds over eight rooms, each featuring increasingly older figures (babies are followed by children, then teenagers, adults and the elderly), producing a grand fresco that bears in mind Edward Steichen's landmark exhibition "Family of Man" at MoMA in 1955.


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from 27 October 2023 to 31 March 2024
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm and until 8pm on Fridays.

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