Amazone | Jupiter, Thomas Dunford, Lea Desandre

The irresistible mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre gives voice to the Amazons, those fierce ancient fighters: powerful women who come to life in sumptuous pages of the baroque repertoire.

They will speak in turn of warlike victories, thwarted relationships, suffering and despair, but also of tender love and extreme passion: the Amazons are among the figures who are most represented in the musical sphere of the 18th century. Lamentations, furious arias, languorous duets or great lyrical scenes, the pieces inspired by these emblematic women who never cease to be models are numerous and varied. This recital is an opportunity to give them a new existence, to make their states of mind and their ways of being resonate, while reconsidering the place they deserve. Sovereign, subjugating, deeply moving women.


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