Exposition “De fil en argile”

Patricia De La Gorce, visual artist and Brigitte Brosset, ceramist, decided in 2017 to unite their two passions, clay and weaving. Their creations, conceived and produced by four hands, present a surprising, innovative and poetic dialogue between these two opposing materials. The thread gives the earth its lightness, the earth its strength to the stretched thread and the metal sublimates the whole. They shape the metal with the help and complicity of Jean-Paul Thibaudier, an ironworker. Each material serves the other in order to achieve balance, harmony and creative originality.
Their new exhibition, De Fil En Argile, presents some sixty mural and sculptural works invading the space of La Coupole with their shimmering colours.


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  • Ceramic


from 30 May to 11 June 2023