Exposition photographie- Anne Eppler

"The starting point for my work has always been to take photos of people I didn't know. To do this, I first knocked on the doors of houses at random, or because they evoked a memory for me. I approached people in the street who made me feel something, or people who approached me.
With these people, if they agree, we create a relationship based on photography. From this encounter, from their trust and from this state of discovery, together we keep a trace. My favourite moment in my work is when I'm about to knock on the door of a house: I imagine the other person, I dream, I fantasise, in search of satisfying these images that I have in my head. All my photographs are made in a form of fear and excitement born of that moment. From the strange inner state that these encounters provoke, from the intimacy that these people offer me and the trust that they place in me, was born the desire to keep a trace in images. So it's a question of establishing trust with my subject and achieving a kind of letting go, of abandoning oneself, in order to produce an image that completely suspends distrust.
Through their gestures, through their gaze, through the chromatic palette I give them, together they draw their origins from the same family. A family with an unknown evolution, between fiction and reality". Anne Eppler


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from 25 April to 06 July 2024