La Belle au bois dormant | Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon

In a daring choreography by Marcos Morau, the Lyon Opera Ballet awakens Sleeping Beauty by transposing its universe to a refined set. A gesture far removed from the original tale, for adults and teenagers only, which makes its contemporary presence resonate.

Premiered in 1890, Sleeping Beauty quickly became one of Tchaikovsky's masterpieces. In Perrault, the curse placed on Princess Aurora by the fairy Carabosse condemned her to die from a rosebud on her sixteenth birthday.

The lilac fairy transformed death into a sleep interrupted only by a prince's kiss. Marcos Morau changes the parameters of this struggle between good and evil: imagining an endless sleep in which desires and identities are projected, he de-realizes our world, which has become nothing more than the vertigo of a sleeping princess, and turns it into a museum where visitors circulate. A production that questions our view of the reality of myths.

Not recommended for under-12s.


  • Dance
  • Art and shows


20 and 21 December 2023 at 8pm

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