Le Cabaret du Faune | Romie Estèves & Nicolas Krüger

From 8 years old

Le Cabaret du Faune, by Romie Estèves and Nicolas Krüger, offers an unexpected encounter between the world of Debussy and the cabaret form: a musical, singing, theatrical and dancing show driven by a desire for fluidity and metamorphosis.

Le Cabaret du Faune, by mezzo-soprano Romie Estèves and pianist Nicolas Krüger, takes us back to the time when the young Debussy, accompanied by Erik Satie, frequented the cabaret Le Chat noir in Montmartre. Hallucinatory moments of pure beauty and whimsical humour, captured in the transitory form of the cabaret, moments from which the founder of modern music would also draw inspiration. In the heart of an unusual and poetic space, Le Cabaret du Faune invites you to take an inspired stroll through Debussy's music: all in accordance with the will of the master who wanted to "sing [his] inner landscape with the naive candour of a child".


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